Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Child Injury Prevention for Malaysian Parents

mamasue dapat emel ni few days ago...good info to share...from Persatuan Pediatrik Malaysia


1.Never leave your baby or child alone or locked in a room.
2.Store all detergents,cleaning products,bleach and other potentially harmful chemicals out of children’s reach or ina locked cabinet.
3.Never put them in other containers that kids can mistake for food or drink.
4.Keep small jewellery, perfumes and colognes, belts,scarves and ties out of reach to prevent choking and strangulation.
5.While cooking, whether in the kitchen or outside (barbecues,‘kenduri’ and such),do not allow children to be near the cooking area at any time.
6.Flammables such as matches and candles should be kept out of reach of children.
5. Make sure the electrical wiring in your house is safe. Do not overload outlets or run wiring under rugs.
Ensure that there is no damage to the outer cover of the electrical wire.
6. Use plug socket covers to prevent your child from sticking her fingers or other objects into electrical
7. Wipe or mop up any spillage on the floor immediately to prevent slips and falls. 
8. Keep a properly stocked first aid kit in your house and make sure other adults in the house know where it is kept.
9. Try to have at least one fire extinguisher and smoke detector in the house. Follow its proper maintenance and service schedules. 
10. Stop smoking. Smoking is bad for health. It can also cause fire and burns.
11. Never leave kids near water unattended. This includes the bathtub. Children can drown in just a few centimetres of water.
12. Have an escape route out of the house in case of fire, that everyone in the house, including children, knows about. Determine an assembly point outside the exit.
13. Store all medications in a locked cabinet, far from children’s reach. Never leave them on the kitchen table or bedside tables. Never tell a child that medicines are “sweets”. Never take your medicines in front of your children.

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