Monday, May 10, 2010

mamasue on the dose i wish that they will put a lot of dosage tomorrow...make me FAINT PLEEAAASSEEEE......esok i'm planning to take out my implanon.ALAMAKKKKK,takotnya,naik kempis perutku yg tak kempis2.

frens,wish me lotsofluck!

below are the steps that i have to go thru tomorrow.....uuuuwaaaa!heellppp!

1. IMPLANON® must only be removed by a healthcare provider who has been instructed and trained in the IMPLANON® removal technique.

2. The arm in which IMPLANON® is located should be indicated on the USER CARD and the Patient Chart Label. IMPLANON® should be in the medial aspect of the upper non-dominant arm.

3. After confirming that the patient does not have any allergies to the antiseptic, wash the patient's arm and apply an antiseptic. Locate IMPLANON® by palpation and mark the end closest to the elbow, for example, with a sterile marker (Figure a).

4. After determining the absence of allergies to the anesthetic agent or related drugs, anesthetize the arm, for example, with 0.5 to 1 cc 1% lidocaine at the site where the incision will be made (near the tip of IMPLANON® that is closest to the elbow) (Figure b). Be sure to inject the local anesthetic under IMPLANON® to keep the implant close to the skin surface.

5. Make a 2-3 mm incision in the longitudinal direction of the arm at the tip of the implant closest to the elbow (Figure c).

6. Gently push IMPLANON® toward the incision until the tip is visible. Grasp the implant with forceps (preferably curved mosquito forceps) and pull it out gently (Figure d).

7. If IMPLANON® is encapsulated, make an incision into the tissue sheath and then remove IMPLANON® with the forceps (Figures e and f).

8. If the tip of the implant is still not visible after gently pushing it towards the incision (as in step 6), gently insert a forceps into the incision and grasp the implant (Figures g and h). Turn the forceps around (Figure h).

9. With a second forceps carefully dissect the tissue around IMPLANON® and then remove IMPLANON® (Figure i). Be sure to remove the IMPLANON® rod entirely. Confirm that the entire rod, which is 4 cm long, has been removed by measuring its length.

rilek...rileeekkk....tu bukannye lengan aku.aku TAKKAN ada keberanian utk nk snap gambaq lengan sendiri.UUWAAAAA!!!!!!kasi je lah aku pengsan SATU BADANNNNN!

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